f.lux does not turn off when set to disabled!

  • I noticed, when I'm using f.lux and wish to disable it for work, the disable for an hour as well as disable until sunrise features do not seem to work. Clicking them results in minimal if not zero change at all. For a while I thought my screen was permanently burned to a more yellow color.
    Then it dawned on me to try exiting f.lux completely. Boom, instant white screen.

    Restarting f.lux and disabling it again, I get the same result. Is this random or is the program bugged? Anyone else experience anything like this before? My f.lux autoupdates so should be latest version as of posting.


  • f.lux tries to load your default color profile, and this is not usually something that we disable.

    To see which one is installed:

    Start Menu > "Color Management" -> see if there is a profile there.

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