Flux accessing other programs?

  • I've been looking at f.lux using Process Monitor. Can someone help me understand why it keeps accessing and possibly modifying programs I just opened such as Firefox? See this screenshot for reference (https://i.imgur.com/SgLHd9d.png). I've been using this program for years with no problems but just wanna be sure.

    Haven't viewed all the programs in the world using Process Monitor but from my limited use of it from some running programs in my computer, this is the first time I've seen a program accessing another .exe. I have no idea what CreateFileMapping and the others do and if it modifies my firefox.exe in the case of the screenshot.

  • If you use "disable by app" we look at EXE properties in order to see which process a window belongs to. It's sort of like "which window is the active one -> what does the EXE think the name is?".

    Definitely not modifying any programs.

  • Thank you! It does reappear in Process Monitor when clicking the disable option.

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