Why is the 'f.lux dimming' and even the Dark Mode active after sunrise?

  • Good morning
    it is priceless what we owe to f.lux, but it is a great pity that even after years f.lux has not managed to develop a useful product.

    The first very big annoyance is that f.lux stubbornly ignores user behavior: just because you live in a place where the sunset starts 10 hours before you go to sleep, f.lux starts changing the screen colors.

    It would make sense and be useful if the process would start e.g. only 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

    The second very big annoyance is that f.lux is still in the night mode - even hours after sunrise: the gut mode is active and the screen colors are still not neutral. Please see the attached screenshot.

    hours after sunrise, f.lux is still active

    Thanks a lot, kind regards,

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