Windows 10 20H2-update broke Flux brightness/contrast

  • Just back from installing the 20H2 update. Flux now makes the contrast washed out or so. Dark colours are made lighter?
    Can only fix it by disabling the Flux autostart on boot, then reboot.
    Changing options in Flux did not change anything.

    Photos taken with AE/AF lock:

    ![0_1618942453436_IMG_5797r.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    ![0_1618942459623_IMG_5799r.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • The image function is broken server side.


  • Do you have a color profile for this display?

    Also please post f.lux options > driver info so we can see some details :)

  • @herf
    Colour profile...I am not sure. I never understood that in Windows with the weird menus.

    alt text
    alt text

    Interesting what the events tab says in the monitor items of device manager around the time of the Win update:
    Device DISPLAY\GSM59B4\XXX was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.

    Flux driver info:
    alt text

  • OK, yes, these monitors do have a color profile and f.lux will try to load it. We have had a couple LG profiles in the past that wash out the screen, and these users decided that these profiles were not correct and removed them.

    There are two things that could be happening:

    1. We do internal tests to make sure that this profile is not loaded twice (e.g., by the OS and then by us) but it is possible that a future update to Windows will do something different. I can't rule this out but I do not think it is likely.

    2. I think it is more likely at the moment that we are loading the profile and sometimes without f.lux, it is not getting loaded, and this is the difference you are seeing.

    If you have a way to try a different profile (and restart f.lux after) we might be able to figure out what is going on.

  • Will come back to this at end of the week.

  • Update:
    Had a planned reinstall of Windows today, so waited for that instead.
    Monitors are without driver/profile now. It seems Flux behaves as normal again.

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