Can't get f.lux to work on dual monitors

  • I'm unable to get f.lux to work on both of monitors on my PC. Right monitor is properly dimming, left one is untouched. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. My drivers are up to date. Here's the driver info directly from f.lux:

    Driver info

    The information below is already on the clipboard. Paste to the f.lux forum or email us for help.

    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 27.20.14501.24001: Radeon RX 580 Series (20201125)

    Generic PnP Monitor, 531 x 299mm, built 2014
    R=0.641602 0.333984
    G=0.333984 0.624023
    B=0.152344 0.049805
    W=0.313477 0.329102
    sRGB gamut: 90%, AdobeRGB gamut: 63%

    Generic PnP Monitor, 527 x 296mm, built 2019
    R=0.641602 0.329102
    G=0.308594 0.625977
    B=0.150391 0.053711
    W=0.313477 0.329102
    sRGB gamut: 99%, AdobeRGB gamut: 69%

    Winlimit=0, 0
    Monitor 1 on Radeon RX 580 Series: VCGT=0 gamma=1
    Monitor 2 on Radeon RX 580 Series: VCGT=0 gamma=1

    Windows Build: 19042.867


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