Orange screen even on daylight?

  • Does anybody have the problem that neutral 6500k daylight settings are not the same as if flux is disabled?
    Even when I explicit use the disable option in flux, a small orange tint remains active...

    My assumption is that setting flux to max K levels means, it is off. But there is still a slight orange tint during the day. When I shut down flux, only then the screen gets neutral colors.

    Can this be fixed? I already tried "windows internal color tables", which did not have any effect.

    If that helps: Win10, Lenovo Legion 5, Radeon igpu, geforce GTX gpu

  • Do you have any color profiles installed? f.lux will try to load them while it's running.

  • No, it's a fresh windows installation and I'm using the system defaults only.
    It seems to be called wsRGB / wscRGB. No custom settings.

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