Randomly Loses Philips Hue Connection

  • I'm currently running 4.119 (on Windows 10 20H2) and since this version, and the previous at least, I've been encountering a bug where my connected Philips Hue lights disappear from f.lux. I'm not sure what triggers this and I'm not sure when it started exactly; or even if it's the result of a bug in f.lux or an incompatibility with Windows 10 20H2.

    I'd seen a note about Philips Hue fixes in the changelogs, but I'm thinking that's what started the issue?

    The resolution has been to press the button on my Hue bridge. And sometimes f.lux will suddenly just start working with it without interaction. The selected lights stay the same, but the menu for "Hue lights to use" will show back up after pressing the button on my bridge.

    This never used to be an issue, and has only been recent within the last several months / year.

    Please tell me what I can provide to help deduce this bug or what I can do to try and fix it.

  • I think I can explain what's going on.

    First, there are two "discovery" methods for f.lux with Hue:

    1. Using the "meethue" webservice (run by Philips)
    2. Using UPnP

    Recently, Philips has moved the meethue service, and old v1 bridges do not support the new one. So if we move with it, we drop support for v1 bridges just by updating f.lux. (If we went this route we'd have to add an option somewhere to "support v1 bridges" and people would need to go find it.)

    So, for now, we are falling back to UPnP which is less reliable, but does work for most LANs. In theory, this lets us keep v1 bridges working, but if it causes too many problems (like I think you may be describing?) we will have to add some more settings to support v2+ bridges only.

  • A fix will be in the next version. We will stop supporting mixed v1+v2 on the same LAN but any other combination will work.

  • This post is deleted!

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