Gaming, Soft light, and issue with Darkmode

  • Hi,

    I just got a new computer and am setting up.

    DARK MODE the issue: I tried dark mode and the entire screen when EXTREMELY bright with maxed out exposure and 0 contrast, basically, I couldn't see any text, any of my background, any of my BLACK background screens.
    Instead of being dark mode it was like staring at the sun. Extremely painful and now my vision is really impaired, and will be until tomorrow (thanks migraine brain).

    So, any idea whats up with that?

    SOFT LIGHT I'd like some guidance.
    I really like the effect soft white, but when I projected how the day would play out, it indicated it'd continue the lighting route I'd chosen, but the brightness was basically the same most the way through.
    I'm guessing from comments on this site, that the 'effects' don't really do a full day's range, and are for opting in and out of for specific things, maybe like watching a film? But why does it indicate it'd go down to the brightness settings I picked on the daily amount still? Even listing the brightness numerical value? :/

    It'd be great if I could have this effect covering the brighter hours and then turned off during the evening. In fact the evening hours are extremely orange which has made me unable to distinguish colours, whereas the soft white one looks like I'd be able to see colours correctly for more hours of the day, it looks great, but it's unclear how you use it and whether it's an add on effect or just... another setting with limitations??

    GAMING: It says you can change the settings for different settings, such as films or gaming... Can someone walk me through this? I'm struggling to find info and now my vision is impaired I'm finding it harder to handle websites when I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be going prior.

    I'd like to have 'soft white' on for gaming and films, and then my normal setting outside of that (assuming I can't actually use both together).

    How do I do that?
    The settings in Flux are very limited and I can't even remember how to change what hour I go to bed and such.
    Before I could alter the timing of things by shifting lines on the graph, but now it just plays the visual lighting preview, instead of letting me do anything or see further details, which is a bit disorientating (especially after the dark mode horror I just had).


    • Fix whatever is wrong with dark mode lol

    • Have some kind of way to opt in and out of the preview before it happens, like it could ask if we want a preview, or show the word 'preview' when we hover over the graph, if that's all you can do when clicking it now.

    *Can we have soft light along with full day time darkness settings. It's perfect for the brighter hours and would make the darker hours less colour distorting.

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