Registry key for disabled/enabled status

  • When I'm taking a screenshot, I need to first disable f.lux temporarily, otherwise the screenshot will include a yellow hue/tint due to f.lux being enabled.

    When disabling and enabling f.lux, the banner popup shows up on the primary screen on the top right. This can sometimes block the actual content that you're trying to screenshot, as it is behind the banner.

    I'd have to constantly click on the banner to close it, which is annoying.

    I wrote an Autohotkey script that will run based on a hotkey trigger. When it runs, it will disable f.lux temporarily (alt+end) and close the popup banner. However, this does not work reliably.

    My question is, does f.lux save the status of it being enabled/disabled into a config file or a registry key somewhere? I checked the registry key path "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Michael Herf" and don't see any references. If I can read this status from a file directly, it will be more consistent and easier for me to script against.

    Also, please don't recommend me using the "disable f.lux when XYZ application is running". That setting doesn't kick in fast enough. Screenshot tools will create a snapshot at a specific point in time, essentially an overlay on your monitor. This will include the yellow hue/tint from f.lux, because f.lux doesn't disable itself quick enough. You can test this by using win+shift+s to trigger the built-in Windows 10 screenshot tool and before f.lux can disable automatically, the screenshot overlay would have already run.

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