F.lux Where am I? Not working under Windows XP

  • Hello there!
    I'm having trouble with f.lux and the Where am I? functionality. I am running Windows XP SP3 with the latest version of f.lux.

    When the Where am I? dialogue box comes up and I enter my nearest town, it attempts to load a page but cannot and displays a 'page cannot be displayed' error due to the application trying to use IE8, which cannot display the page to save my nearest town. I have a different browser installed and set as default other than IE8 (MyPal) but IE8 is the last version that XP supported.

    My main question is are there any workarounds or is it a case of live with it and upgrade operating system?

    Thanks everyone!

    Also, here's the link to a photo I took of the issue:


  • Yes, we cannot support an embedded browser securely on Windows XP anymore, so it does not work.

    You can use this page instead, and paste the results in:

  • @herf Oh that's amazing thank you so much, that worked perfectly! Thanks again for the help. :)

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