Correct location, correct time zone, time is off by 31 minutes

  • The title pretty much sums it up. Right now, the time here is 07:57 UTC+02:00. f.lux thinks it's 07:26, and no amount of tinkering with the system clock settings (switching automatic time zones, clock sync, etc, on and off) could convince f.lux that it's got the time wrong. Not even uninstalling it and reinstalling it. As said, the location is correct, and my computer time zone is correct too. Suggestions?

  • Solar time is confusing!

    This time is designed to show noon when the sun is directly overhead, and it's not supposed to match your local clock (which has a timezone). Instead, it is trying to show you something about your local timezone.

    See our notes about it here:

  • Oh, I see. Thanks :)

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