Disable Hue Lights control when disabling for an hour

  • Hello guys,

    I've noticed my Hue lights are still controlled by f.lux when i disable it for an hour. Right after disabling f.lux, if i try to change something on my lights, they'll go back to f.lux settings while it is disabled.
    Is there a way to also automatically disable f.lux for Hue lights when disabling it for an hour ?
    Apart from manually disabling Hue lights to use, which is not very convenient.

  • Are you trying to make the Hue lights listen to a different app (i.e. to ignore f.lux commands for an hour), or to match the screen color?

    We designed this feature to work for a "shared" household, so what we need to do is to have one setting for lights "near you" and another for everyone else.

  • Hello,
    Sorry i had completely forgotten about this topic. I was coming back to post about the same issue and realized i had already posted about it a long time ago.

    I'm trying to make the Hue lights listen to the desktop Hue Sync app.
    Basically, during daylight, i don't need f.lux to make my lights match the screen color. So i always have to disable the Hue lights in the menu.
    I was wondering if they was a hotkey or something that could do this. Another idea would be to not make the menu disappear every time we tick or untick a Hue light to use, to avoid re-opening the menu again everytime we switch on/off a light to use.
    I know a more radical solution would be to simply close f.lux, but i'd have to open it when it's getting darker.

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