F.Lux sometimes unable to open; screen doesn't dim as scheduled, Windows Night Light also has no effect

  • I'm encountering an issue on some nights where my screen will remain default brightness as if F.lux is not installed. However, I can see the F.lux icon present on the systray but when I try interacting with it (double click or right click) nothing happens. I can end the process through task manager but when launching F.lux again, flux.exe appears in task manager but no icon appears in sys tray, screen brightness is still not fixed by relaunching.
    When this happens, toggling on Windows Night Light also has no effect on the screen. The "turn on now" button is active and able to be pressed, but screen brightness is unaffected.

    Are there any logs I can access that might give some clues?

  • tellah, I'm not sure if it helps, but I'm getting a similar issue. Things are not dimming for me at all. I can tap it, or jiggle a different level of brightness with the mouse, but the screen stays the same. There's no dimming.

    In desperation the workaround is to use the task manager to kill F.lux and then open it manually again. I use the shortcut to reopen. But it works straight away.

    It's a bit of a pest to have to do this.

    For the last month or so f.lux didn't change the screen until I clicked on it or changed any setting. Sometimes I just needed to put the f.lux window at the top. It was as if it was asleep and I had to waken it. Now it's worse.

    I miss my self activiting f.lux

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