incompatibility with BioniX Wallpaper

  • Hi guys

    I am Daniel from
    Some users report problems with BioniX, and I wonder if this could be related to Flux.
    How does Flux affects the image? It is working directly on the monitor or it affects the color at window/desktop level?

  • Hi what kind of problems are you seeing?
    The gamma table in Windows is shared, so that would be the first place to look.

  • Hi
    We have a crash (access violation) in BioniX when your software is running in parallel with BioniX.
    BioniX intercepts a special desktop window to draw on it, behind the desktop icons.
    The icons disappear randomly from the screen. Seem that (when your program is running) the desktop windows are rearranged or deleted.
    Some seconds later, BioniX crashes (AV, read from address 01C4).
    If your program destroys that window (or triggers something (a special PostMessage) in Windows that makes the window to disappear), then the crash makes sense.

    Can you please post a link to this "gamma table" documentation on Microsoft website?
    I have no clue what this is.

  • @bionix-wallpaper we do have a feature that disables by app name, so when this function is on, we look for the current window, and try to find the owning process and get its name. This should be a no-op if disable by app is not used.

    If you want to find this crash, I would try to run f.lux with an app disabled and see what happens in your executable?

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