BUG: Flux gets disabled when the notification bar is open

  • Flux gets disabled when I open the notification bar (or whatevere it is called) on the right. Is this a known issue?

  • yeah, it's a known problem on windows 10 20h1 and 20h2.

    current workaround is to enable 'Always use Windows internal color table' in options.

  • Yes, I apologize for not turning this on all the time (which we can do). Mainly, we are trying to avoid using the internal APIs if we can help it.

    The problem is that bugs like these (in Windows) do not get fixed if we hide them, so when they are minor like this one we try to leave them in.

    If this is bugging people enough, we can flip the checkbox around, so it works for now.

  • Came here about this issue as well as dimming being disabled when opening settings and every time the settings window is switched to the display "tab." This setting fixes the notifications (which oddly only seem to be bright the first time they're opened in a while, but closing and reopening the bar reactivates the dimming) AND the settings window issue, so that's great.

    As for you reasoning for not enabling the option by default, I highly doubt leaving it broken is going to encourage MS to fix their crappy OS. There are still numerous minor bugs that have existed for years. And they don't even care about security issues (often ignore ones reported to them until the discoverer of the flaw goes public) and serious bugs, so something minor like this will likely not be fixed for years, if ever, and that's assuming they're even aware of it. Plus, they have their own version of this (Night Light), so that makes it even less likely they'll bother fixing something that's an issue for f.lux. It's just not worth bothering users in the misguided hope that it will lead to MS fixing things.

    Also, off-topic, but I'll mention it here instead of making a new post just for it: The text in the main window that says "The sun has set. Light is making your body later." doesn't make any sense and has always bugged me. I've just always assumed whoever wrote it is ESL or used a translator for it and that it's trying to say something like "The sun has set, light will delay your sleep cycle" or "The sun has set, light will disrupt your circadian rhythm."

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