icc profile bug even if flux is OFF.

  • i disable "use gpu", after i disable "use display data"
    it not helps, flux ignore any icc profile, and load i think, some hardware defaults, (becouse i even replase default srgb profile as file, not only in settings*), even if it disabled...it nonsens..you disabled dont do things!

    please fix it, it kill all benifits of using it sinse win get same night mode, that not touch icc profile....if it cant be disabled auto by some apps so thereis no reason it to works.

    im on laptop on win10 LTSC UHD630+gtx1660ti

  • What is your ICC profile like?

    Check out the notes here just to make sure it is a profile we can support:

  • @herf im not understand what you mean? icc profile is icc profile...
    i setting it in win settings monitor, and even replace default sRGB icc in system32...
    i chek your faq but i see only about "on use display data", i already wrote that i try this two options

  • I don't think you should replace the sRGB profile. That has a special purpose.

    You can email us with the file - support at justgetflux.com, and we'll take a look.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @herf i think you dont understan what i talking about....
    i not wrote "profile load incorrect" or "profile corrupt"
    i wrote "profile ignored" is "compleatly defaulted as it not exist"
    no reason to send you "file" is not problem of file.
    is maybe conflict with intel uhd i dont know, becouse stupid intel reset all profiles after restart. and it looks like flux when disabled - ask intel driver, and restart it to intel, but since intel have this bug, it must ask system settings.

    also you can google about this, it big problem and many post about it

  • An ICC profile is stored as a file (with ".ICM" file extension in Windows) stored usually in c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color - so if you are having an ICC problem, there is a small file that's responsible.

    f.lux always loads VCGT tags within this file, and it does not change anything else.

    If you would like help with yours, the next step is to send us an ICM file that is not working, so we can see what's going on.

  • @herf said in icc profile bug even if flux is OFF.:

    send us an ICM file that is not working,

    as i already explain but you not read, is NOT FILE not working, is not about file..
    but is not problem i already send you file long time before but not get any answer.....

  • The sRGB profile is not a display profile, so it does not have any adjustments for a monitor in it.

  • @herf
    Well, actually, I renamed it like that ....
    but this is a full-fledged profile created by a calibrator from Xrite ....
    if a professional calibrator does not "have any adjustments", I do not know with which one is "have" for flux works ...
    it works ok "without" "any adjustments" even with default windows night mode......

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