f.lux v41: Big Sur and Apple Silicon support

  • f.lux v41 is available for download, with these changes:

    • Apple Silicon support
    • Support for DCI-P3 wide-gamut displays: now these screens look much better, and should match sRGB colors. Previously, they looked a bit greenish and oversaturated, but now they look better than standard gamut displays.
    • Darkroom fix on M1/Apple Silicon
    • Sparkle updater at v1.24.
    • 41.3 also fixes unnecessary updating of ICC color profiles (not needed on M1)
    • 41.4 fixes "white cursors" on some Intel macs

    Known issues

    • Dim on disable doesn't work on Apple Silicon
    • With multiple monitors, f.lux settings may be slow to show up on a secondary screen, until there is a screen redraw
    • A dark UI is on our list, but it's locked to light for the moment as we are still figuring out how to make it look OK.

    Things to check

    • Any signs of "white cursors" (as we saw in Catalina)
    • Darkroom should continue to work on all macOS versions/GPUs
    • Any user interface problems (old or new macOS)

    To install this version

    1. Download https://justgetflux.com/mac/Flux.zip or visit our website (https://justgetflux.com)
    2. Quit any running f.lux versions
    3. Run the new build from Downloads

  • Thank you for all your hard work!

    Still experiencing the white cursor on my 2019 16" MacBook Pro (5500M), running Big Sur 11.1 and f.lux 41.1. The issue only occurs when the machine is running the integrated graphics; whenever it switches to the 5500M, the cursor displays correctly. Two other machines without switchable graphics (iMac Pro, 2016 13" MBP) do not have the issue; they didn't have it under f.lux 40.1 or Catalina either.

  • Okay, we did rollback the Catalina fix on Big Sur to see what would happen. Sounds like they have not fixed it on some integrated Intel GPUs.

    I believe right now it is OK on older Intel, Radeon, and M1.

    We probably should add this back to 41, via a preference rather than 100% of the time, since it messes up the chromaticities a bit, so we prefer not to do that for everyone.

  • MacUpdater indicates this is a new public release, but you haven't changed the Appcast to indicate that, so I cannot update from within Flux. Is that correct or is v41 still in test?

  • Yes we often release software as the main download before it updates everyone.

    For instance, we found out this build doesn't work on 10.10.5, so we'll fix that before the update.

  • Thanks for the update !
    Unfortunately, the white cursor is back since v41.3 on my Macbook Pro Retina 13" (mid-2014) running on Big Sur.
    Hope this helps identifying the issue.

  • thanks for the note. Does this machine have NVIDIA+Intel or only integrated graphics?

  • @herf Only integrated graphics (Intel Iris 5100)

  • okay we posted a 41.4 build that rolls this halfway back (hopefully less impact on color but should make cursors OK).

    https://justgetflux.com/mac/Flux41.4.zip (also live as main download)

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