Full screen disable no longer works/triggers.

  • For years its worked perfectly but since about a week ago or so when entering full-screen apps it isn't disabling the way it used to. Was there a recent update that may have broken it?

  • Update.. not only does it seem to be not turning off during the night for a Full screen app. It seems to be turning itself ON for them during the day lol. Has there been an update this week? If so I'll roll back i think..

  • We have not updated recently, but our compatibility bits are based on Windows build number, so that's probably what you've found.

    Can you post f.lux options > driver info?

    With the Windows 2004 update we have changed one thing, which you can put back by checking this box in f.lux options:

    always use Windows internal color table

  • Argh I keep getting an error when trying to upload a screenshot. Both on chrome/firefox.
    Here is the dropbox link of the driver info screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkgg2wyuiz6rmno/Capture2.JPG?dl=0
    As you can see by the colour of the driver info tab.. where as a week or so ago f.lux would correctly disable when using the windows snipping tool, now it actually goes to full dark/late night mode when I use it. So its like the reverse effect. Instead of disabling, it is going stronger in full screen!

    EDIT: Ahh that option has indeed fixed it. Thanks so much herf :) I hope this post helps others with the same issue!! Cheers and happy new year

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