• I have been working on a project in Photoshop with F.lux on and like the way the colors look with the candlelight filter. I've tried to emulate this effect by tinkering with Photoshop mechanisms but for the life of me can't get it to look right. At this point I just want to screen capture it the way it looks with when I have the filter on but now I guess due to an update f.lux has some mechanism the mitigates the tint on screenshots. Does anyone know if there is any way to disable this to where screenshots look the way your screen looks while filtered by f.lux? Alternatively, does anyone know of any precise method for emulating the filter in CS6? I've tried curves and Camera Raw Temperature adjustments but neither of these things have done the trick.

  • Do you have Lightroom? It has a kelvin slider...

  • Thanks for the tip! They have a free trial for Lightroom so that should work.

  • Thanks for the tip!!

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