Alternatives to flux and/or solutions to my issues?

  • Hi, I'm looking for an app for Windows that can do a permanent red-shift (doesn't matter what time of day it is) and can switch between two different settings, when switching between games/movies vs web browsing. That's because the difference in brightness between a game/movie vs a typical web page is quite stark. I find flux is somewhat useful for me if I use its feature to automatically disable itself during full-screen apps, but I've been having some issues:

    • Brightness indicator no longer appears: When I use hotkeys to raise/lower brightness like alt+pgup, alt+pgdown, there used to be a percentage indicator in the upper-right portion of the screen; it no longer appears even after restarting flux.

    • Illogical transition speed to-from full-screen apps: The point of the transition is so when alt-tabbing out of movies/games into a browser window your eyes won't hurt. As an example I'm currently playing Skyrim in French for educational purposes and often alt-tab to the Google Translate webpage which is all white. It hurts my eyes a lot so I have to waste 5 seconds dipping my head before looking up again. Why does the "very fast" transition still take 5 seconds, and why can't we specify an instant transition? I also do not see any purpose to the "slow" and "medium" speeds.

    • Full-screen vs non-full-screen profiles: Ideally I would like to set a pre-defined brightness, not just the color, when going to/from full-screen apps. That way I don't need to manually adjust the brightness every time I alt-tab, and bullet point #1 would no longer be needed. And I don't even need it to be automatic; hotkeys would be fine.

    In general I don't think flux is the right app for me; I have no need of the time-of-day adjustments, and I mainly just want to set 2-3 color/brightness profiles, which I can toggle between with hotkeys. Is there an app that does this, or is this feature planned in flux any time soon?

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