Control monitor bluelightlevel and brightness directly with DDC/CI protocol

  • These days many newer monitors can be reconfigured in software over the DDC/CI protocol.

    My AcerX34 has its own acer widget thing for controlling it, but that's not the only tool that works. It turns out to just be DDC/CI protocol since SoftMCCS can also control it.

    Using this protocol it is possible to set my monitor's "blue light level" control and "brightness" settings.

    Would flux ever be able to pin these controls to a 24-hour schedule?

  • We have had this built internally for a very long time.

    However, we believe it might destroy monitors, since some of them write settings to an EEPROM, which can only be written about 100,000 times. We are testing some at the moment actually, to see if this is true.

  • Any update on this topic? Do frequent DDC updates destroy monitors?

  • I just saw

    Are you able to expose this functionality behind a warning confirmation prompt? I own a modern higher end monitor so I'm willing to take the risk and if the monitor dies in 2-3 years I have no problems with replacing it.

  • +1 to providing this behind a warning. I'm mostly interested in having brightness adjustment; software color adjustment works fine.

    It could be reasonable to quantize the brightness steps, limiting the number of writes to some limit, e.g. 10 per day. I wouldn't mind if my monitor died after 10,000 days.

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