Hotkey/command to set absolute screen temps

  • Hi, thanks for an awesome app that I have been using for years!

    I just built a light meter with Arduino that has 2 photoresistors for different color temps - meaning I receive both room brightness and color temperature values on my PC via a Python script (the measurement is far from perfect but will do in this context). What I'd like to do is to use this information to adjust the screen brightness and color temperature to match the room's; kinda like Samsung the Frame, but without spending extra €500 for a screen I don't need. I have an infographic display that I'd like to look more like a poster on the wall than a PC screen, so using time-based adjustment is not that optimal (on my main PC, it certainly is).

    The hotkeys I know can change both brightness and color temperature, but the adjustment is relative to the previous value, which is not ideal in this case. Using the hotkeys or command line I'd like to be able to set the values something like:
    c : \ > flux.exe -temp 3400 -brightness 100

    Is there any way to do this, using whatever input method feasible?

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