Color modifications past base settings?

  • Heya! I have a light sensitivity thing, and first of all f.lux is a lifesaver but I was wondering if anyone knows a way to push the colors deeper into the red than it allows by default? If so, please let me know!

  • You can get it to 800K (which is basically true red) by holding down these 3 keys until you get to 800K: Alt+Shift+Page Down. Use Alt+Shift+Page Up to raise the color temperature. The color temperature changes in 150K increments.

    If this doesn't do anything, then it means you have to enable it. Go to Options and Smart Lighting and enable "Use these hotkeys to control f.lux:"

    If you have a Microsoft Surface, then enable "Also support Alt+F9 through F+12 (for Surface)".

    If none of this works, then it means you still have to allow f.lux to expand the color range in Windows so that it can get warmer than 3400K. I'm not sure how to do this if you've already skipped it. It might still be an option in the Options and Smart Lighting window.

  • thank you!!!

  • @andrastae said in Color modifications past base settings?:

    thank you!!!

    You're welcome. :)

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