The unlabelled graph

  • I don't understand the graph. I see three curves (although one so faint you'd be excused for missing it entirely) and the only one I can be sure of what it represents is the one showing which colours used during which time of the day. Unfortunately the x axis is unlabelled so I have trouble working out when these times actually are; especially since the program also uses an alternate clock in the form of solar time.

    There's also the orange ball (representing a sun?) which moves on the screen light curve, but it moves forwards along the curve when I set the wake up time back? I don't understand that. My best guess is that it shifts my circadian rhythm represented by the curves, which would be much more intuitive to shift in the UI rather than the ball (provided the ball represents the current time, which it seems like).

    I have checked out the FAQ but it does not explain any of this, and the Readme text is just a set of patch notes.
    Can anyone here explain how to interpret the graph so that I can set f.lux up properly and not rely on the default setting being "one size fits all" considering how individualised sleep schedules are. I know my sleep hygiene needs and would love to be able to calibrate f.lux accordingly.

    My version is 4.188.

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