Crashes and BSOD due to F.Lux

  • I am getting constant crashes to a Blue Screen of Death due to f.lux. It appears to only happen when f.lux is trying to do a transition with a full-screen app, and only started happening in the past week. I have disabled f.lux for the time being: it has been crashing to the blue screen of death far to often for usability.
    I can tell you my system specs, however the BSOD auto-removes itself, meaning I don't know what error code it has.
    NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (20200317)

    AOC 2036, 443 x 249mm, built 2010
    R=0.650391 0.334961
    G=0.294922 0.605469
    B=0.144531 0.075195
    W=0.313477 0.329102
    sRGB gamut: 100%, AdobeRGB gamut: 68%

    Winlimit=0, 1
    Monitor 1 on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti: VCGT=0 gamma=1

    Windows Build: 18363.1082

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