"Use Dark Mode at Sunset" - Windows theme vs. app theme

  • Hi all,

    When the "Use Dark Mode at Sunset" switch is on, F.lux changes the Windows color them to "Custom" where both the default Windows Mode and the default App Mode are "Dark." At sunrise, it only changes the default Windows Mode back to Light, while leaving default App Mode as Dark. Ideally, it should change both the Dark and then both to Light.

    This occurs on Windows 10 version 1909.


    • Steve

  • Hi Steve - we try only to set the App theme and don't touch the system theme. We are aware that some apps react badly to the change (especially when it's turned off), but we're not sure why yet - it may be app-specific, or it might be timing-specific.

    If you'd like to have f.lux switch the system theme also, there is a preference in the latest f.lux so if you are familiar with regedit you can try it:

    HKCU\Michael Herf\f.lux\Preferences

    REG_DWORD "SystemThemeSwitch" = 1

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the clarification. So, I guess I was a little confused. In this case, the problem is that it's not changing the Default App Mode back to Light at sunrise. Is that on the roadmap?

    Best regards,

    • Steve

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