Dual Monitors but f.lux only works on primary monitor

  • NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 (20200403)
    Devguru Devguru Twomon WDDM Display Driver (20160902)
    Fresco Logic 2.1.34054.0: Fresco Logic IDDCX Adapter (20171113)

    Generic PnP Monitor, 527 x 296mm, built 2020
    R=0.663086 0.309570
    G=0.276367 0.669922
    B=0.150391 0.050781
    W=0.312500 0.329102
    sRGB gamut: 101%, AdobeRGB gamut: 80%

    Generic PnP Monitor, 509 x 286mm, built 2013
    R=0.639648 0.328125
    G=0.296875 0.598633
    B=0.150391 0.061523
    W=0.312500 0.328125
    sRGB gamut: 98%, AdobeRGB gamut: 64%

    Winlimit=0, 0
    Monitor 1 on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745: VCGT=0 gamma=1
    Monitor 2 on Fresco Logic IDDCX Adapter: VCGT=0 gamma=1

    Windows Build: 19041.508

    Those are my specs, I'm not sure why it's not working on my second monitor. The only thing that's different is that I'm using a USC 3.0 to HDMI converter for USB 3.0 port. This is also a problem for Microsoft's night light so I'm not sure if that information is useful.

  • @ItsManson Hey did you find a fix for this? It's happening to me right now.

  • Right now we do not have Fresco Logic support - we have worked mainly with DisplayLink so far for USB adapters, but we will put it on our list.

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