UI doesn't seem very intuitive

  • I'm going to switch from Flux to some other software (don't know which yet) because the colors don't adjust sometimes (even though, without restarting my PC or even logging out, they change fine later), and I don't understand the UI.

    In the graph in the settings screen, there are multiple curves, and a ball that for some reason does a 24h preview. There's also 'circadian response' in percent. Nowhere is there an explanation, a tooltip on hover, a ? that you can click to get some explanation. I'm wondering, have you guys done testing with users to see if they get what this all means? Does everyone understand it and am I the idiot here? Maybe it makes sense to the devs but, as they say, no UI survives first contact with the end user.

    Also I don't really care about when the sun goes down - I just want to set a start time and end time for warmer colors, I don't care if that matches with my location, but that also doesn't seem possible - I have to fake a location more to the east to get the warm colors earlier.

    Even here in the forum, what I assume is the 'post' button is just an arrow to the right. I'm literally a professional web developer and I'm having trouble finding out what the post button is, that's telling one way or another.

  • Imagine being a web developer and not understanding a simple UI interface.... no seriously this app is simply designer to setup the best screen lighting for any time of the day. Just explore a little bit the interface and u'll find some interesting things. Wanna work late? there is special profile for it. Night worker? you can revert the night/day profile in the options. And also you DO NOT NEED custom profiles. That's simply useless because having a full time yellow screen isn't that good since the main advantage of screen is displaying blue colour; a colour which make the person more awakened that can be as good in day for concentration as bad for sleeping at night. So stop crying and just use this awesome application. And for circadian response you can google a little and get as much information as needed to understand the UI.
    Ps: Are you a Mac user to be able to not understand the UI?

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