Should reduce brightness and contrast automatically

  • Tinting is a good step. However ambient light in a room at night is much less powerful than daylight. So it's critical need that F.LUX automatically reduces the brightness and contrast. Make sure you allow the user to dial in the amount of reduction he needs for each. Thanks.

  • +1 on automatic brightness. I use both screens (laptop + 32" 4K display on external GPU) at maximum brightness during the day and minimum brightness during the evening. I am really tired of adjusting it every evening and morning. External monitor also gives an extra difficulty, as it does not listen to any hotkeys.
    So to solve this simple issue I currently have another app installed - Monitorian (from MS store). It kind of solves the issue, but requires too much of my attention (is finnicky when plugging the external GPU in and out).
    So it would be great to add this feature to f.lux, THEN it would be the ultimate solution.

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