Updates render this product almost unusable for me

  • All the recent updates have made this application almost unusable for me. I suffer from chronic migraines and the color controls do not appear to allow me to find a setting, like the older ones, to lessen my light sensitivity. I don't understand why you eliminated original options. I'm getting migraines within minutes now. Thanks for f*&king this app up!

  • Hi Rick - please send some details. We haven't removed any features.

  • I figured out how to do it manually within the monitor, with Custom RGB settings (please see below)

    I'm doing ok with two monitors, and these two settings: 2400K and 3400K

    For more details, please see my post titled: Flickering screen, again, with the latest version: f.lux (v4.118) . . . (08/04/20 I accidentally put this in the V3 forum)

    Research suggests that f.lux must talk directly to display hardware to work – no remote desktops

    I'm curious to see if you get good results also!

    2400 K #ff9d3f Standard incandescent lamps . . . HP E272q

    3400 K #ffc184 HALOGEN . . . Per f.lux . . . HP 1755 . . . These settings work on the HP 1755, but aren't very orange on the HP E272q

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