Screen flickers

  • Hello. My problem is that even after uninstalling f.lux, the night light kept flickering. What could I do to erase the f.lux modifications it did? I think it all started after installing f.lux and even after uninstalling it keeps flickering. What should I do? I dont want to use f.lux because the feature is different than the night light built in the OS i.e. f.lux gives me additional eyestrain. I have a probook 450 g7 and its visible that activating f.lux brings in additional dither which Im sensible to, in terms of eyestrain. I tested it with a high focus camera. Thanks.

    Later Edit, it seems that now the screen flickers even with night light off. Its like constantly trying to adapt to the background, it happens when i change the page, like scrolling or switching tabs etc. and its mainly visible in browsers (chrome, firefox etc.), in other apps like system explorer is not so visible or even absent. What should I do? I think it all started after installing f.lux. Ive tried things like reinstalling drivers, f.lux and disabling it again and uninstall again. What could it be? Im on win10 pro all updates done.The laptop is a new hp probook 450 g7 with uhd 620 integrated graphics. Thanks!

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