f.lux should not dim "only" within TV/ Video window

  • I guess some rethinking should be helpful about flux working style.

    Currently, we can define software, and if the focus is on that software, flux will disable itself, meaning "entire screen" will become bright.

    I think that is a fault. On pc, we usually view TV (via TV tuner) or Videos on a medium sized window, meaning, that is not full screen. That window is visible on a small part of screen, as well as we are doing different things on other windows.

    in such a case, while our focus is on any of other windows, entire screen is dimmed by flux, and when we shift focus on TV/ video window, entire screen become bright.

    That is not the correct theory of working.

    Users would like that any video/ TV window is always normal bright, and flux is disabled on that, and other screen remains dimmed, that should happen irrespective of our focus. At least such an option can be provided to that effect.

    I don't know whether such working is technically possible - flux brightening only a part of screen, and dimming other part of screen.

    Please give it a thought. I hope I have explained what I am thinking.


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