Instant Display Colour Change for Night to Day

  • I am using f.lux 4.114 on Windows 7 x64 Sp1 and f.lux always, at least when I have been at the PC at the time, to very quickly (Instantly) changes the display colour when change from night to day.

    The settings have Slow: Natural Timing for the transitions but this does not seem to make any difference because it is certainly not slow or natural or even medium for that matter. It is instant!

    Use display data is ticked and so if use GPU for better quality and also use wider slider ranges.

    BTW my eyes are very sensitive to bright light and white backgrounds which I do all I can to eliminate. f.lux makes it easier to use a Windows PC but it could do with some overrides IMO. It would be nice to have the auto daylight change disabled for similar people to myself who have medical conditions which makes their eyes highly sensitive to bright light.

    When this night to day change occurs and also after entering windows after booting I have to manually lower the screen brightness using f.lux keyboard shortcut. Monitor brightness cannot be lowered any lower than my monitor allows which is far too bright for my eyes to tolerate even with modified Windows colour settings. This is of course not normal but it is present in a large number of people. I will not go into detail on a forum why that is so apart from saying that it is caused by a very common micro-organism infection which is very damaging to human health. BTW It is what causes the risk to COVID-19.

  • Thank you for the note - yes this is unusual. Have you changed the setting from slow to fast and back again?

    There may be a bug when upgrading from one of our older versions.

    If that doesn't work, does it help to uninstall/reinstall to fix this? We will see if it needs a fix in the future.

  • Thanks for getting back to me on this. I have only before posting this topic altered the change speed but only to medium and back to slow. I have never before your reply changed it to fast. I have now done that but ATM I cannot check whether it has any affect seeing as it is after 0100 here now.

    It could be as you suggested about upgrading because I remained with 4.84 for a long time before upgrading to 4.114. I had expected some new options but alas I cannot see any difference. I did see mention of solar time but it looks like that was introduced in 4.118 which I have just downloaded. I will try uninstalling f.lux and then install 4.118 to see if it fixes the sudden brightness change in the morning.

  • Well that failed because it is still doing the same thing, very quickly changing from low brightness to high brightness. There is no smooth or slow transition like the setting should enforce, it is just an instant change.

    I do have the current colour set to 1200K Ember. I do also use the Adjust day and night colours together and it is set to 1200K but do not know whether that makes any difference.

    My main concern is with making my computer usable and comfortable to use. I do use browser extensions (Dark Background & White Text) to eliminate white page backgrounds. Most in the CFS/ME/Fibro community have this problem and a shifted body clock and some also have sleeping difficulties.

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