Why am I not able to change the sunrise timing? Sunrise in my area is 5:15 Am I want to set it to 3:30 am That is my earliest wake time setting in Flux.

  • I wake up at 3:30 actually It is only today that I woke up. I used to wake up couple of years ago and keep doing intermittently.
    Now it is 5:59 am and I still see.....ok exactly at this moment flux changed to daylight as I was typing.
    So even though my areas shows 5:15 am as sunrise it is changing the filter to daylight only at 5:59am.

    I searched the settings i could not find where I could set this at.
    I just want my flux to disable the filter at 3:30 so when I sit on the computer It hits me and it wakes me up. Just now when it was red I was feeling so sleepy.

    I have set my earliest wake time to 3:30 am in the control panel. This used to work as far as i can remember. But now it has stopped.

    How can we set customer times. I would like the sunset times also to be like be 5pm. Maybe have a curve from a filter slowly go to 2700K from 5pm to 7pm and then instantly get disable at 3:30am.

    Is that possible?

    Thank you

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