Will you ever fix ICC profiles to work correctly?

  • Just watch this video.

    I'm setting default ICC profile in Windows. Then i start flux.

    The profile is being completely dissrespected. I'm repeating this over and over again. Set as default, launch flux, close flux.


  • Problems with ICC profiles has been ongoing for years here (at least since 2015) and it has never been fixed properly.

    Tested on 2 seperate devices, both stable and beta flux versions.

    Even launched process monitor to see what flux does. And yes.. it detects the profiles (i can see it reading default profile ICC files), but it still fails to apply them on launch.

  • Yes this is a core feature for us - it has been in the software since v3 (in 2013). Recent changes to Windows may have affected it, but most profiles with a VCGT tag work fine.

    Can you post your f.lux options > driver info and email us the ICC profile?

    Send to support at justgetflux.com

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