Interface confusion

  • When I try to set the custom colors and wake up time I am not sure what the orange dot means. Is that sunrise? Or is that right now? It's a pretty confusing interface all around, is there a set of instructions or a help option? Also when I click the 24 hour preview it goes way too fast. What are those humps in the background? Do they mean anything or are they just for show? What does circadian response mean? Is the red section sleep time or time until sunrise? I think the orange section is sunset to bedtime? Thanks for the help and sorry for my confusion. Your app is pretty amazing. How I get tired at night even when working on the computer is really helpful, otherwise I'd just be staying up all night. It appears to work better than the Windows 10 night light. I use that and still stay up all night.

    Also is there a professional version with more features? I would not mind paying for it.

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