Flux not working after PC waking up from Sleep mode

  • Hi,
    It doesn't happen every time but enough to be a problem on Windows 10. Sometimes, Flux is ineffective after waking up from the PC Sleep mode, that means Flux is still opened and reactive but the brightness remains 100% when tweaking it despite Flux interface saying me the percent change.

    Failed solutions:

    • Restart the application
    • Kill all F.lux process in task manager and restart

  • Can you post f.lux options > driver info?

    This was a problem in early versions of last year's Windows update.

  • Driver info

    The information below is already on the clipboard. Paste to the f.lux forum or email us for help.

    NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (20190724)

    Moniteur Plug-and-Play générique, 878 x 485mm, built 2015
    R=0.667969 0.308594
    G=0.260742 0.649414
    B=0.149414 0.054688
    W=0.280273 0.290039
    sRGB gamut: 101%, AdobeRGB gamut: 80%

    Winlimit=0, 1
    Monitor 1 on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070: VCGT=0 gamma=1

    Windows Build: 18362.836


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