Please add a hotkey for the " Disable for fullscreen apps" feature.

  • Hello, I've been using f.lux for probably 5+ years now and I want to start off by saying thank you for your work has saved my eyes!

    I use the "Disable for fullscreen apps" option so my color balance isn't messed with when playing video games, watching YouTube or TV/movies in Kodi and I much appreciate that option!

    However I would die for the ability to toggle this on/off with a simple hotkey (maybe configurable?) so that late at night when playing simple strategy games or watching YouTube videos (neither of which needs accurate color reproduction) I can still enjoy doing these things without killing my eyes or having to manually turn DIsable for fullscreen apps off by right clicking the F.lux icon in the taskbar etc.

    It would make my daily life and probably a lot of other people's much easier, similar to the already implemented feature (IMO absolutely necessary) Alt + PageDn/PageUp shortcuts for dimming control :)

    Thanks for your time and hardwork, everything you do is seriously appreciated - this is one of the first software I install on every PC and I don't know what I'd do without it.

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