4.111 Design Quirk

  • I'm not sure if it's just me and my setup or if more people experience this, but there's a weird design quirk with version 4.111.

    If f.lux is in your system tray and you right click on it, you get a menu with some of the bottom options being:

    • Disable
    • Effects and extra colors
    • Change current color

    If you navigate between them really quickly, Disable's sub-menu shows up on the left side and Effects and extra colors and Change current color show up on the right.

    This causes your eyes to jump all over the place looking for the next menu. It's not consistent. If all the side menus showed up on the same side, then the eye only needs to scroll up.

    I believe the culprit here is When using Windows Shell Experience Host. It's too long, so it pushes the entire sub-menu to the other side.

    Now, you could easily solve this by pushing every sub-menu to the left. That way, you have unlimited writing space and all the sub-menus open up on the same side. There could be a problem however... I'm not a programmer, but I imagine that this can't be done because perhaps the Windows UI is drawing the menus for you (and making "smart" decisions on which side to show the sub-menu on). Someone who does programming might be able to help us out here.

    If that's the case, then I suggest you shorten When using Windows Shell Experience Host so that the menu falls on the right again.

    I know this seems like a minor thing and minor things rarely get patched... but consider this. I run a 1080p screen (which is probably a standard these days). If enough people have this problem, this is a minor thing that could quickly get fixed and improve a viewer's efficiency. I think that's a win for the entire community.

    Thanks for your time. I love this app! I get TONS more sleep.

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