Flux disables ICC profile in Color Management

  • Hello,
    I run into an issue with ICC profile being disabled by Flux. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a working solution so far.
    I have downloaded a profile from https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/asus-vg248qe/ and set it as my default.
    Whenever I start Flux my colour scheme return no Windows default and whenever I go to Color Management choose my ICC profile, click Set as Default Profile - the profile loads, then I click Close and it resent again.

    Anyone can suggest any solution? I really like flux!
    Thank you.

  • Same here..

    Will it ever be fixed? I dont understand how they cannot apply such simple feature correctly.

  • f.lux does require a restart (of f.lux only) when you change your profile.

    We used to detect changes and update automatically, but there was a huge memory leak in Windows that made our detector expensive, so we stopped doing that.

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