Support for non-6500K display calibration

  • Hi,

    I use Windows 1903 and have a display calibrator (Spyder 5 Pro). My 'daylight' setting is not 6500K and is 5450 (a tad warmer than 'sunlight').

    So my issue is: currently I calibrate display to 6500K and use f.lux slider to move it to 5450K. But it would be better if I calibrated display to 5800K and shifted it to same 5450K (less color difference, so more accurate colors).

    However, no matter how I calibrate my display, at 6500K or at 5800K, f.lux always thinks, my monitor's profile is 6500K. I can reproduce it like this:

    1. calibrate monitor to 6500K. turn on f.lux and set it to 6500K. turning f.lux on and off produces no color changes => everything's working

    2. calibrate monitor to 5800K. Turn on f.lux and set it to 5800K. turning f.lux on and off makes colors warmer and cooler => f.lux doesn't think my color profile is 5800K and thinks it's 6500K

    I don't know if my ICC file actually contains color temperature (I can send it for analysis) or even if ICC supports it, but if it doesn't, it would be nice to have a 'base color temperature' setting so that I can specify my base ICC color temp is 5800, so all shifts need to be done from that value.

    does that make sense? thanks

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