Weird color problem?

  • Hi there, whenever f.lux is opened I see color issues on my second monitor (image below):


    When disabling f.lux v4.111 from startup, things work fine. It's also interesting that f.lux seems to constantly activate Windows' "Focus Assist", as if it were a full screen app.

    Can you please help me with this?


  • Got the same problem.
    Didn't relate it to flux yet, when i exit flux, it remains.

    What fixes it for me is re-plug the monitor.

  • @Jochnickel I have the exact same issue/solution then! Try rebooting your computer DISABLING f.lux from starting up and you'll notice the problem is gone (or uninstalling, for that matter)

  • I had the same problem and it took me a while to figure out it was f.lux.

    • Doesn't happen immediately after powering up, but rather takes a few hours before I notice it (it's on my second monitor, so it sometimes takes a while before I notice)
    • May have something to do with the latest Windows update and/or freesync, both changes took place in the last 2 weeks
    • Disabling f.lux and using the built-in Windows 10 nighttime mode fixes it

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