Oh no, not ANOTHER request for custom sunrise/sunset times!

  • Hey guys! Just want to say, your program is amazing, it does everything I want, the colours are great! As the title suggests, I was just wondering if (maybe it already exists and I'm just an idiot, or) you guys were planning on adding custom sunrise/sunset markers? I've seen the awful comments of people complaining about this, so I just want this to be a little, 'hey is this a thing?' ya know?
    I think being able to edit the default 3 slider times and the ability to add new ones would be a really cool feature (this would mean people could have smoother gradients and custom sleep schedules etc) and yeah that's about it from me. Keep up the GREAT work, you guys are the best! I shall continue to work around this issue because I can appreciate the time, effort and passion that goes into projects like this :)


  • Seems a bit lame even having custom sliders as they are crippled: I set both sunset and bedtime to ember and yet one is still brighter than the other ... I have no idea why they can't just put something like 'I normally sleep for X hours' option ... I'd like my screen dark for an hour or two before bed but I want it bright for when I should properly wake up but not bright if I'm waken up early ... the app is not insomniac friendly. I have to set a ridiculous wake time to have my screen fade early to promotes sleepiness but if I wake early and cant sleep and decided to watch something boring for 20 minuets until I nod off the screen is bright and again I'm fidgeting with the wake time because my screen is bright but the sun isn't even up.

  • A bit more customization would be awesome.

    Over here it usually gets darker around 4pm. It either less sunny or usually cloudy at that time. I feel like its get darker compared to earlier.

    I usually go around it by turning the light on in the room and by adjusting the current zone at that time. Its just that I have to adjust the flux color every day.
    So yea for me a 4th and maybe 5th color zone would be great.
    Or making the transition taking longer like a few hours might help too.

  • @Nuubie I have the same problem but opposite. I have set my earliest wake time to 3:30am And I am pretty sure the filter would get disable at that time.
    But now it has a mind of its own and it only becomes daylight at 5:59am.

    I have kept it for other reasons. If I wake up at 3:30am which I used to long ago I want to sit on my computer and not fall asleep. The exact opposite of what you want.

    I am pretty sure simply setting the "earliest waketime setting" to whatever time would get this done. But now that "earliest wake time setting" doesn't seem to be working.

    I think you can try setting to something later to see if that helps.

  • The "earliest wake time" setting used to work for this. My sunrise is 5:15.
    I set my earliest wake time to 3:30am.
    I remember if I would stay awake all night at 3:30am I would be flashed with bright light.

    My reason is I want to wake up at 3:30 am I managed to wake up today at 4:am.
    My screen was still red 2800K

    Only at 5:59 it was disable even though my sunrise time is 5:15 as per my location

    I don't see any setting and I am pretty sure when I used to wake up early I would see my bright screen and that helped me stay awake if I didn't want to sleep. I would just work on my computer in bright daylight setting and at 4am all my sleep would vanish.

    Now this is making me drowsy

    I would also like a nice low dip from 5:pm till 7:pm a nice curve.
    but can't set that. My sunset timings are 6:45pm.

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