Same settings but different brightness / can't set dark/red as expected

  • OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    OS Version: 10.0.19041 N/A Build 19041
    System Manufacturer: LENOVO
    System Model: 20FWCTO1WW

    Using 2 monitors, internal laptop Thinkpad T460p + LG 27UL550-W with HDR 4K driver, but tested without them too!

    When I run PC / wake up from hibernate mode can't set as dark as possible on slider (recommended). It's still to bright.
    When disconnect and reconnect cable to external monitor (miniDP) or switch to only single screen (internal or external) it start working as expected and LCD do much darker with same settings.


    • wake up or reboot notebook with external monitor connected
    • it's 22.00 so, screens should be as dark as possible
    • screen is too bright!
    • disconnect external monitor
    • laptop screen goes dark 👍
    • connect external monitor, and it's again bright (but on FLUX slider is still same value and should be dark)
    • move with slider and it goes dark as expected.

    But I must every time disconnect external monitor

    Photos of screens:
    on ℹ on photo are comments which photo is from which state.

    Sometimes I have artefacts on external monitor (on first photo), but it's not related and happen without flux/ with flux and same when flux work as expected and same when flux don't work as expected (maybe something with drivers)...

    Intel HD Graphics 530, driver:
    Nvidia GeForce 940MX, driver:

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