Weird interaction with Yeelight LAN Control

  • Hey,

    I've been using f.lux for at least a month now on this computer, I had a weird interaction with Windows 10's night mode, my video card drivers, and a Playstation emulator I was running that completely botched the colors and saturation on my display. During a bunch of troubleshooting, I installed f.lux and just kept using it since it's more fully featured than Windows 10's functions.

    I also wanted to integrate my Xiaomi Yeelights (Model: "yeelink.light.color2"), three of them, with f.lux. I enabled LAN control and realized that my computer is connected directly to my modem while my wifi network is behind a separate router--they weren't on the same network and I couldn't be bothered to swap that around at the time.

    Working on another project that wanted my Wifi and computer on the same network, I plugged my ethernet cable into the router at like 3AM in the morning and my Yeelights immediately went to 100% brightness in a very white "daylight" color. Weird. I tried toggling any settings that seemed like they might relevant to my Yeelights in f.lux and none of them actually interacted with the lights.

    Just now, around 5:30PM my time, my Yeelights were (manualy) set to ~50% brightness in a slightly warm white. They changed to 100% brightness in the same "daylight" color as back then.

    f.lux seems to be "talking to" the Yeelights, but what it's telling them to do (or what they think they're being told to do) doesn't really make any sense, and doesn't seem to have any consistency to it. Controlling the Yeelights from the app always works fine even if my phone is on cellular data rather than my home Wifi.

    I did some searching around the forums and no one else seems to be having this problem. My yeelights and f.lux are set up the same as people who have it working (as far as I can tell), LAN control is enabled on the Yeelights and f.lux is set to talk to Yeelights in the settings.

    Any idea what's going on?

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