f.lux 4.114 beta bug w/ Windows dark mode

  • Hi,

    First off - thanks for an absolutely amazing utility!
    Secondly - thanks for adding dark mode support on Windows!

    Lastly - there seems to be an issue with the implementation for automatic dark mode, or more precisely - on disengaging it when the sun comes back. Simply put - f.lux automatically switches to dark mode when the sun sets, but does not automatically turn it off when the sun rises back. Accessing the f.lux menu does trigger the restoration of 'bright' mode, but it doesn't seem to happen otherwise.

    A video that illustrates the problem:


    Windows 10 1909 with the latest updates.



  • Issue still present in 4.116.

  • thank you - I think we know why this is happening and have a fix in the 4.118 build.

  • This issue is still active in flux version 4.118 (non-beta).

    I am running flux on windows 10 home edition (x64 bit), version 2004, build 19041.329.
    I can provide additional info if any is needed.

    Note: I am experiencing the EXACT same problem as zsuraski.

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