i1studio not detected by f.luxometer

  • Hey everyone, new to the forum (and f.lux in general) and ran into a problem right off the bat.

    I'm on Windows 10 and have installed the i1studio software and f.luxometer, the most recent versions of each as of the 8th and am selecting ColorMunki under choose a meter.
    While the i1 software works fine and the sensor shows up under the device manager, f.lux can't detect it and is asking me to "plug in my device" / "meter not found: plug it in?".

    Can anybody offer any insight / tell me where i'm going wrong?


  • I am in the same situation except I am using Windows 7. Everything else exactly the same. Can anyone help?

  • The 1.5 version of the i1Studio software is not compatible right now, so we recommend getting one of the older versions (1.1 or 1.2).

    Also, yes, the i1Studio is the same hardware line as the older Colormunki.

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