Adding more flexibility/options to the disable per monitor options (separating brightness and temperature) ?

  • The use case is simple: when I'm gaming, I want my secondary monitors to dim. Flux can kinda do this but each workaround has its issues.
    Step 1, Use ALT+PGDOWN to dim every monitor, and then:

    1. disable Flux on my main monitor -> it also always disables colour temperature settings.
    2. disable Flux for full-screen apps -> full-screen youtube video on a secondary monitor now disables brightness/temp setting.
    3. disable Flux for the game -> each game has to be added manually.

    The way I see fixing this would be to separate "for fullscreen apps" to "for fullscreen apps on monitor X/Y/Z", or adding "Disable temperature for monitor X" and "Disable brightness for monitor X".

  • @JohnEdwa yes, this is really annoying. I've just uninstalled flux because of this. I want my smarttv (where i play games) not to be affected at all by flux. But for the moment I'll quit, I hope the dev will add this feature soon.

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