Multiple concurrent instances running simultaneously

  • For a while now, I've been having issues with f.lux constantly somehow running a second time while already running, so that there would be two copies running at once. Aside from the annoyance of having two icons in the notification area, this causes a problem where the screen flickers when the screen dims/brightens, which is especially (only?) noticeable during quick changes such as switching between a fulll-screen app, where f.lux is disabled, and back. I assume it's because both instances are trying to adjust the monitor at the same time and are conflicting. Now, the problem seems to be getting even worse, as I currently have three instances running at the same time. This is a very strange problem, and I'm hoping someone has an idea. I could, of course, try uninstalling and reinstalling, and will if I can't solve it another way, but I prefer not to do that, since it's better to actually solve the problem, especially if there's an issue with f.lux, rather than just go around it. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps when it self-updates, it's not closing properly, so after updating it runs itself with the intention of getting f.lux up and running again after closing it for the update, but instead simply creating another instance of it. However, when I check the "About f.lux..." screen, they all show the same version (currently 4.114), though it's possible that even if an older version is still running, it might show the latest version info in that screen. This is on Win10.

  • We do not allow multiple copies of f.lux to run.

    If you have a lenovo vantage control panel, or windows night light, these can conflict with f.lux - more likely what is going on.

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