Brightness presets per browser content / active Tab

  • Hi,

    I'm using f.lux v_4.111 on Windows 10 (1903).

    Is it possible to pre-configure specific f.lux properties for particular apps in use? The problem: By opening pdf documents in a browser, you are confronted all of a sudden with eye-killing, hard, white background color of those pdf docs.

    So you have to reduce brightness by ALT + PG-DOWN keys manually.

    When switching frequently between standard HTML pages and pdf documents (within same browser), back and forth, then it becomes inconvenient to correct brightness each time manually.

    So I'm looking for an option to get f.lux to understand where I'm focusing on, perhaps on base of which browser tab is currently "active", and which is not.

    So f.lux will auto-reduce brightness for active tabs containing pdf docs, and auto-switches back to higher brightness values for active tabs showing standard HTML content, both values retrieved from some sort of custom presets.

    I didn't find such an option in f.lux. Is there any?
    Would strongly appreciate such an f.lux feature.
    Thank you for helping me.

  • We have done several experiments here, and previously they were too slow, but these days we should spin them back up.

  • @herf Thank you so much! So let's hope ;-) BTW, I like f.lux very much. It's useful and handy even today, as it is.